Chocolaterie Diane,
Discover a World of Chocolate Truffles !

With a true passion for real fine chocolate, Diane is well known for its exquisite Belgian Chocolate Truffles, made with only the highest premium quality ingredients, We offer a wide range of luxurious gift boxes, let’s discover, taste and enjoy the real world of Chocolate Truffles, you are invited !

Chocolaterie Diane was founded in 1991 by Madame Diane, situated in the “Waasland”, well known as “The Sweet land of Waas”, she launched a popular delicacy range of Chocolate Truffles.

Our founder’s name is our company name : “Diane is the Roman Goddess of the hunt, nature, all wild things and the moon, she’s worshipped as the giver of fertility and easy births, she holds rule over childhood and adolescence”

The company is still family-owned and –managed with a very strict philosophy of producing the finest premium quality in Chocolate Truffles, 100% pure cocoa, no GMO’s nor preservatives.

To guarantee this finest quality, we make our fillings ourselves, we never deviate from the traditional.

With careful quality control till the end of our production process, we make sure our consumers enjoy only rich and safe end products, this with a guarantee food quality security system so we can ensuring freshness and high quality Chocolate Truffles, packed in an attractively designed and various types of pre-packed boxes.

Retailers & Wholesalers

All truffles can be obtained mixed or packed separately, with either the Diane-label or a private label, in various types of pre-packed boxes.

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